I started this blog for the sheer purpose of making a decent grade in two of my journalism classes, MC 101 and JN 101. I never really had intentions of writing in this blog unless it was for those classes. But today, I was reading a friend’s blog and she inspired to me. I realized that there are so many thoughts and ideas that go through my head that just sort of leave my brain for good and then are never thought of again. I have made it a goal to document my thoughts, ideas, and lessons learned this summer at least once a week. Being a journalist in the making, it’s probably a good idea to write frequently. 😛

This same friend that inspired me to write today “Stumbled Upon” this website with journal writing prompts and one of them particularly triggered my thoughts. The prompt is: What are your religious beliefs?  Have they changed, or have they always stayed the same? Here’s my answer:

I used to be an extremely devout Christian. I was all for going to church and everything in which religion is comprised. As of almost one year ago, my perspective on this issue totally changed. I was “best friends” with two people that were also like me in the religious sense. We attended church together and church camps and concerts and we went to each other for prayer requests and help and just to be lifted up spiritually. We did everything together from crying at the alter, witnessing each other’s baptisms, and so on. I thought these girls were pretty much perfect; they were good friends, always there when I needed them, and they were “Christians.” Last year, that view changed drastically. One of these friend’s old/ex best friend transferred to my school and joined our little clique. The new girl was not religious and didn’t attend church and had a totally different attitude than we did. As time went on, my two friends started to reject her just because she wasn’t a Christian. The new girl soon befriended a lesbian, and this really changed their view of her. I realized that these two “friends” I had were extremely hypocritical. Christians are supposed to be loving, caring, and accepting.  They are supposed to love everyone, regardless of their flaws because everyone has flaws. But what did my friends do? They quit talking to this girl just because of her “sins.” As followers of Christ, we are supposed to “hate the sin, love the sinner.” Soon enough, the new girl and I bonded and became good friends. We attempted to tell the others what they were doing to her, but they just ignored us as if they were doing nothing wrong and switched the subject every time it was brought up. Eventually, I just quit talking the two of them and the new girl, the lesbian, and I became best friends. In the process, my religious beliefs changed. Now I rarely ever attend church and when I do, I don’t particularly like to attend. I believe more so in “love” than in religion. I still believe in Jesus and God, don’t get me wrong. I still believe that Jesus came down to earth to die for us and save us from our sins. I still believe that He is loving and forgiving and that one, I will have a place in Heaven. I just don’t believe that one has to attend church constantly to get there. I don’t believe in shunning someone just because of their sins. No sin is greater than another, and we ALL have flaws and we all sin, so why should one person be superior to another? Did Jesus turn those away that were adulterers, betrayers, and sick? No, He didn’t. He loved them just the same.  The world’s view of Christianity is dirtied and muddy because of people that think they are so high and mighty and shun those who are “below” them. There are so few “true” Christians today in this world and it’s really a sad thing. Honestly, I’d rather not be called one just because of the connotation the world has of them. I’d much rather just live by the Word of God and out of love.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Thomas Slatin
    May 31, 2011 @ 12:18:08

    This is awesome! I’m glad that my writing prompts helped! I’ll be publishing a book later this year; check my blog for updates when it’s ready!


  2. Amanda
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 00:58:44

    There are awful people of every race, religion and kind out there, just like there are wonderful people of every one. I think from what you say that your views didn’t change so much as your experience gave you a clearer view of Christianity is supposed to be. Sad day that you don’t go to church anymore though, I there needs to be more people that are ready to be more accepting and open-minded speaking out in the Church and making changes.


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